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Coral de Penascal Rosé

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Really lovely, pale, full flavoured yet crisp and light rosé in a Provencal style but produced in Spain!
Castilla y Leon, Spain
100% Tempranillo
Vegan | Organic


Coral is an organic, delicate and elegant rosé ethically made in Peñascal´s Carbon Neutral winery, beautifully packaged with eco-friendly materials in an ultralight-weight bo­ttle. Fully committ­ed to sustainability and the environment, with every bo­ttle of Coral you contribute to the restoration and conservation of coral ecosystems representing 25 percent of marine biodiversity.

Enjoy its delicate aroma of white flowers, peach and apricot and the freshness of its citrus notes of grapefruit and hints of redcurrant. Richly flavoured, soft and succulent, yet crisp and dry.

Perfect as an aperitif and with salads, light pasta dishes and sushi.


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