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Old J Spiced Rum

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Quick Look:
Smooth and sweet with a big hit of vanilla, lime and caramel.
Recommended Serve:
Best enjoyed when simply served over ice with coke or ginger beer and a couple of fresh lime wedges. For an extra kick of citrus, drag a lime around the top of the glass before serving.


Admiral Vernon's Old J Spiced Rum is a premium spirit made with Caribbean rum from Trinidad and Barbados.

Strength of flavours lean towards spice, toffee and vanilla. Very much like the original Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum.



It all started in 1740, when Admiral Edward Vernon enforced a reduction in the strength of the British Navy’s rum ration. When his men complained, Vernon suggested the addition of limes and sugar to make the drink more enjoyable.

Old J has been created in honour of this unlikely mixologist who was known as Old Grog. However, Old J brings Vernon´s concept into the 21st Century by using the finest Caribbean Rum combined with a secret blend of spices, sugar, vanilla and Persian lime.

It took over sixty trials before the perfect harmony of ingredients was found, and Old J’s smooth and spicy flavour profile was born.

Old J is now available in five, unique varieties, with the same blended base spirit used throughout—except for in Old J Gold, which uses a British Virgin Isles rum from a pot still.


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